Security & Blockchain

Secure today, grow tomorrow.

Bring Trust to Blockchain with Digitech

As a fast-evolving industry, blockchain technology is as complex as it is promising. It takes a highly skilled team of experts with in-depth knowledge of how the technology works, to help safeguard your token-sale platforms built over blockchain against malicious attacks even before they occur.

We help secure your technology against phishing scams and token sale website hacks and audit your smart contracts to make them robust and resilient to attacks.

Let Digitech Handle Your Blockchain’s Security

So you can focus on growth.

Protection Against 51% Attacks

Preserve Your Project’s Reputation

Maintain Progress Made

Focus On Your Passions

Benefits of Blockchain

  • Eliminate the need for centralized control and the additional costs
  • Trust is distributed between blockchain members
  • Transactions are digitally signed using an asset owner public/private key pair
  • Once recorded, data in a block cannot be altered retroactively
  • Open, distributed ledgers record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way
  • Transactions don’t have to be just data – they can also be code or smart contracts